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How to get to Arrifana Surf Lodge

There are many airlines servicing Portugal. Some offering exceptionally good prices when booked in advance. Public transport within the Algarve is very safe and reliable.

The nearest village to Arrifana Surf Lodge is Aljezur.

The nearest large town is Lagos.

The closest international airports to Arrifana Surf Lodge are Faro (1hr 15 minutes drive) and then Lisboa (approx. 3 hours drive).

Faro is closer, smaller and more relaxed and has an excellent new highway for drivers. Lisbon whilst further away has the advantage of 2 daily buses passing directly through Aljezur our local village. (rede-expressos)


We offer free pick up at Aljezur bus station at any time and we offer 2 free pick up times in Lagos (Lagos marina club hotel, Lagos train station or Lagos bus station) on Saturday & Sunday. Please see below for times available.

Transport options


Car hire companies operating in the Algarve include:



Faro to Lagos (our nearest large town)

Lisbon to Lagos


(The train from Lisbon to Lagos does take longer than the bus and there is at least one station change)


Lisboa-Aljezur (two direct buses daily from 07:30 and 17:30) --

(free pick up in Aljezur on arrival at 12:05 and 21:20)

Lisboa - Lagos (more frequent)

Faro - Lagos

Lagos - Aljezur

(there are only 2 buses running on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from Lagos to Aljezur at 08:30 and 15:20)



Transfers between Faro and Lagos:

69€ ( from 1 to 4 people )
82€ ( from 5 to 8 people )

Transfers between Faro and Arrifana Surf Lodge:

118€ ( from 1 to 4 people )
147€ ( from 5 to 8 people )


Shuttle Transfer

Faro to Lagos return from around €26 per person. Resorthoppa offer airport shuttles and can be booked on their website around 24 hours in adavance. The shuttle will collect you and other guests leaving from the airport to your destination in Lagos. As you will be sharing the shuttle with others you may need to wait for them, or go early in time for their fight. When stating your destination point in Lagos please state Lagos marina club hotel. Address: Marina de Lagos, Lote 20, 8600-780 Lagos


FREE PICK UP IN LAGOS (allocated times)

Free transfers available from Lagos to Arrifana Surf Lodge

@ 13:30  & 19:30

If you arrive into Lagos after this time then we suggest a local bus service or a taxi.



Taxi Contact numbers: +351 281 460 610, +351 967 238 507, +351 967 238 506, +351 919 622 294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: town center - Praça Gil Eanes


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(Portuguese Surf Federation)
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