A little more about your hosts and instructors 🙂

Their story… Sarah & Aldo met each other in the UK at the popular surfing destination Newquay. Aldo taught Sarah how to surf and she fell instantly in love with it. They decided they wanted to make surfing their life.

They decided to set up a surf camp but knew they wanted to head somewhere warmer and wanted a new adventure. So in 2006 they bought a camper van and travelled the entire west cost of Europe to find the perfect surf spot surfing all along the way.

When they arrived at Arrifana they knew they had struck gold. The beach was uncrowded the waves were pumping and the weather was hot. They opened the surf lodge in the Summer of 2007 and have never looked back. Aldo is a great and passionate surf coach and Sarah inspired by her love of food offers hearty homemade meals to the hungry surfers for which people return back for again and again.

Your Host and Surf Instructor - Aldo

Surfing Arrifana Beach Algarve Portugal

One of the founder’s and the head instructor at Arrifana Surf Lodge. Aldo was born in South Africa and has been surfing for over 17 years. Aldo is also an experienced surf instructor with a Level 2 surfing degree from the International Surf Association and the Portuguese Surfing Federation. Aldo is also a trained & qualified life Guard. Aldo understands the importance of good instructing and you will always see him in the water with his pupils pushing students onto waves and yelling plenty of encouragement!!! When not on the beach you will see Aldo at his favourite place …the braai (BBQ)!! If you stay at the lodge you will be guaranteed to have tried Aldo’s scrumptious delights from the grill!!!

Your Hostess - Sarah

If you want to be a guest at Arrifana Surf Lodge then Sarah is who you will need to speak to!! Sarah is in charge of all the bookings, administration, and is always more than happy to answer any questions you might have!! Sarah was originally born in Newquay, England but spent most of her life in Florida as she moved to the USA when she was just eight.  Sarah’s passion is food!!! Not only does she organize all your booking details but she is also in charge of all the great home cooked meals!! If you need anything to make your stay more enjoyable or have any questions during your stay, Sarah is the person to ask!!!

Your Surf Instructors


Mandala has been surfing more than 20 years now. He is instructing surf since four years ago but he brings in his luggage the pedagogic skills from teaching music since a long time ago. He is qualified with a Level 2 surfing degree from the International Surf Association and the Portuguese Surfing Federation. He is also a trained & qualified life Guard. Mandala has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 9 years ago so he will bring his knowledge on the warm ups before surfing and on the cool down after surfing. When he is not surfing you will find him playing his percussion.


Braulio has been in the water for the last 25 years. He has been lucky to have always lived near the sea. As a youngster he was always seen playing at the shore rolling on the foams, first bodysurfing and after a time with a boogie board.  He is qualified with the Portuguese Surfing Federation. He is also a trained & qualified lifeGuard and first aid. You can see Braulio in the water using any kind of board, just for the pleasure of wave riding and being in the ocean.

Your Yoga Instructor

Rose Hill

RYA 200 hours, Diploma in Yoga Therapy.
Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Morning Flow, Yoga for surfers, Pranayama and Meditation. 
With over 7 years experience of teaching yoga, Rose is qualified to draw from various practices and incorporate them into classes that offer a relaxing yet energizing experience for her students. Her philosophy on yoga is this; Cultivating the art of deep presence, we focus our awareness and breath in each Asana (posture) to establish an abundant harmony and re-balance of our mind, body and spirit. 
Through a variety of postures in each class Rose helps her students to build strength, flexibility and balance through stability.
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