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I am writing this after my third trip to surf with the crew from Arrifana surf lodge, and having just booked my next trip in October this year. The surfing instructors are awesome, huge thanks to Aldo, Antonio and Braulio for their endless patience and enthusiasm when dealing with a talentless 47 yr old new to surfing. They are also fantastic with my (much more talented) 11 yr old son.
The lodge provides the perfect holiday accommodation which feels very much like a home from home but without any of the chores, awesome job Sarah and her team. And the food at the lodge was amazing, despite all the surfing I put on some weight!

I haven’t had a holiday anywhere that has made me feel so relaxed and happy to be alive, I will keep going back, and back, and back…


I am writing this after my second visit to the surf lodge and like the first time I just had an amazing time again.
This lodge provides everything from amazing food (home cocked 3 course meals nearly every evening), the perfect equipment for your level of surfing, surf training depending on your level of skills (rapidly improving thanks to Braulio and Antonio), hosts that treat you more like family (Thanks Aldo and Sarah) and changing support that is always motivated and helpful with preping food and keep the place super tidy.

If you are looking for a place with awesome surf conditions nearly every day and a chilled atmosphere to forget your everyday live back home – this is the place regardless if you are advanced and just look for some tips where to improve further or if you are toying with the idea to pick up surfing but have never seen a board up close.

The only sad thing for me is that I can not spend more time at this awesome lodge as like most of us I have only limited days of holiday, but be sure I might see you on my next visit. Let’s go and catch some waves!

Joe and Lindsay

Arrifana Surf Lodge delivers on all fronts. Aldo is a delight, has great and motivating energy, and is an absolute pro on the beach. We took private lessons (my wife and I) and Aldo was super accommodating. A must for anyone staying in Aljezur!


Aldo+Sarah´s Surf Lodge in Arrifana: Simply the best! Great atmosphere, great food, great team. Could have never wished me better 10 days of vacation…

Simina Jonker

After staying at the Arrifana Surf Lodge in July of this year, I was hooked! So I knew I could not wait a year of even longer to be back and decided to come again for not one but two weeks in November! And again time flew by way too fast. Sarah, Aldo, Braulio, Antonio, Pedro & the rest of the team are the best! Arrifana Surf Lodge truly lives up to their tagline “your home away from home”. Everything was just perfect, food, accommodation, people, yoga, massage and surfing lessons ! They made a surf girl out of me, I’ll be definitely coming back next year for at least one week. Don’t look any further, go to Arrifana Surf Lodge, enjoy one of the best things Portugal has to offer and I’ll guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time! Oh and you must book a massage by Sonia, best one ever!

Vera, Birgit and Miry

Dear Aldo and Sarah,
thank you for the wonderful week in the Surf Lodge! We’re still dreaming about the relaxed atmosphere, funny evenings playing at cards, excellent food and the waves of course. Thanks also Antonio and Braulio for great surfing lessons and yoga on the beach. We will definitely come back!

Wolfgang and Kids

Lieber Aldo and Braulio (name correct?)!
Thank you very much for your instructions! They were perfectly adapted to our needs. As a beginner, we were very curious and unsure, whether waveriden is the right thing for us. Is it! The first steps are done, the waveriden is not as difficult as we thought.
Next year we will definitely be back.
Wolfgang, Anna Lena und Charlotte

Paul, Carl. Kerstin & Patrick

Dear Aldo, Mandala and Braulio,

thanks to you guys we had a wonderful stay at Arrifana beach. The warm hearted way you handle people is outstandíng! And thank you for a fitting pair of wet suits for two skinny boys who had a great time learning how to surf. Next time we are looking forward to staying at the Lodge.

Mandala thank you for a great evening dancing to your tunes!


Dear Aldo and Sarah,

Many thanks for the lovely week I spent at Arrifana Surf Lodge. I still miss it being back at work. I had such as amazing time. I learnt great basics of surfing which I am looking forward to develop further! I am really grateful for your great hospitality with delicous food and great services and passionate teaching! Many thanks again and I am definitely looking forward to come back!

Robin & Sarah

Dear Aldo and Sarah,

here we are with our review 9 month after our stay, but finally we could make it. 😉

Thanks for the wonderful stay at your hostel! We were looking for exactly that: surfing, good food, best price value and relaxed and wonderful people.

Our room was great, food like a dream, great surfing lessons also for a little bit more advanced surfers, great rate teacher–surfer 1:3 and in addition the most friendly couple to host our stay.

Clearly the best hostel we ever stayed at. Looking forward to come back!

Joost & Christa

Thanks Sarah and Aldo for the great week in Arrifana! Never thought it could be so fantastic!! When so much passion for surfing and food comes together it’s called: Arrifana Surf Lodge! Joost and Christa (Holland & Germany)

Alex & Radek

Big thanks 4:

1. Inspiration 2. 7 stars hotel food 🙂 3. Challenges 4.Support (special Thanx to Sanne 🙂 5. The best eggs ever 6. Surf, & Sun …See you next year… Alex & Radek Poland


Loooove your food! These days have been fantastical! Awesome food! Awesome teaching! Awesome people! We will be back! Kajsa & Sofia


Wonderful people! Thank you for having us and making us feel like part of the family. Aldo; you’re a great teacher and Sarah; you’re an amazing host. The surf was awesome and look forward to coming back again to catch some more giants! Love Nina

Marketa & Vladimir & Tomas

Amazing holiday!! Delicious food, great people, fun surf, happy kids, & positive vibe! We loved it here. Hope to return soon. Marketa, + Vladimir, + Tomas

Yvonne Edinburgh

I don’t wanna go home! I’ve had a fab week here, I’ve learnt loads about surfing and had an amazing time. I think you’re doing all the right things here and I love it! I hope to come back! Yvonne

P.S I’ll be thinking of Aldo everytime I surf shouting “fight, fight, fight’ “EXCELLENT!!!!”

Meagan Lee Australia

Thanks Aldo, Sarah, Sierra, & Ruby!

I had a great time. The weather was lovely and this area is amazing. I really did feel like I was at a Home away from Home, which is a lovely feeling when your traveling solo. THanks for the surfing. I think I learnt quite a lot and can’t wait to keep improving my skills. Your hospitality & food were fantastic! Good lick with the business, I’m sure it will keep being a success! Meags!!


More than excellent! Heart nourishing while learning to surf. Best Wishes, Magda, Paris (Brazil)


As consistently awesome as usual – I mean it’s not right to feel more at home here than your own home!! Once again great waves/food/friends/fun – Thanks for a brilliant week.


Thank you so much, the week has been perfect. The surfing was great and the food was even better. If you weren’t already running the lodge you should definitely open a restaurant! Thank you Sarah and Aldo for a wonderful week.


One word: Awesome!!

Lee Bullock & Greg Hebda

Aldo + Sarah are both so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. Such a great week! The surfing was tiring but also great fun. Thanks + best wishes x

Maria Domene

No need to explain why because you know…I just love it here! It’s my home in Portugal 🙂 THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Love Maria


Thanks for an amazing time! Great food, great surfing, great company – what more could any budding surf enthusiast want! You’ve made this place so welcoming – I’m not surprised that you’re growing from strength to strength. Gotta go! Lot’s of Love Cheryl

Luke Quinn

Thank you for a great week! Achieved much more than I hoped on the surfing front! Really enjoyed staying a t your home – great food and a great atmosphere! The surf lessons were superb and I feel very lucky to have been with such a great bunch! Cheers!

Manuela & Markus

Second time here with you & definitely not the last time. Perfect weather, beautiful waves, delicious food, Robben as the personal surf instructor for “the ball” Nice week with Luke and the linehams. Thank you so much for everything and Sierra, thanks for the kiss!

Pablo Canada

It’s warm to find these days some people who would open their own house, teach you surf in a familiar way and have dinner around a table like if you were with a group of old friends. I think I’ll be hooked up by this healthy sport, and that we’ll be coming back to this lovely house for both surf and outstanding food.

Veronique Buisson

What do you say to people who, after just a week, have touched your life and made it brighter? I will miss this place and the warmth of your family. I felt right at home here with your group and the kids! Hopefully, we will be able to come back when our boss in Canada allows another week of vacation! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and keep in touch!!! Cheers Vero

Mattias Ohlsson

Thank you so much for everything, and I mean everything. For letting us play with your kids, meet your friends, the lessons, the food, EVERYTHING! It was much better than I ever could imagine and I’m definitely coming back again. You guys should be the happiest people in the world. Love Matteo

Simon Bradley

Thanks a Million!! Guys such a super feeling in the place and week – and the waves were peeling we were west of Eden. – S


Dear Sarah and Aldo, second time around here at the lodge and second time I leave being sad to go. You both are great and I wish you all the best for you, your kids and the surf school. Thank you very much for everything. See you soon Marc.

Luci & Beri Slovakia

Thank you, thank you so much for wonderful time we had for our first surfing experience with the best teacher. Special thanks to Sarah’s cuisine – excellent food, very very tasty, all made with love & pleasure here & thats why we would love to come again! See you soon – Luci & Beri

Niamh Lyve

Great time 2nd time around! Planning next trip!

Sarah & Giles Dumoutier

Thank you so much for this wonderful stay at Arrifana Surf Lodge… THis was exactly the kind of “surf camp” we were looking for: Giles wanted to “push his limits,” which he did, and I really wanted to regain confidence, which I did as well. If you add to that a great atmosphere and very good food, well, c’etait parfait” as we say in french (which means that it was perfect”) We’ll be back as well!!!

Aisling Mckenna

Thanks guys! Has the most amazing week. Thanks Aldo for getting me to “fight” the waves and actually catch a couple of them! Sarah, your food is fantastic. Just as well we weren’t staying any longer or those pounds would be piling on. Will definitely carry on surfing & hope to see you again very soon.

Cathy Broekman

Thank you for the great time again. It’s getting better every year! Especially the desserts. Aldo, thanks for those two big waves. I’m gonna practice my paddling! I just loved it all! Thanks xxx

Lorne, Ruaraidh and Bibianna

“We’d like to raise a toast. Here’s to: Surfing in superb sun drenched satisfaction fantastic fulfilling fabulous f**king great food and mostof all…’s to the sun burnt hands and feet club!!! Seriously, it has been one of the best weeks imaginable, it could not have been better, we love you guys! All the best for baby Sprong – look forward to seeing the little one in person (awwww!)”……Lorne, Ruaraidh, & the first professional hand burnt Bibianna 28/03/08


“Thanks for a time to remember, the house is perfect and you both are so welcoming. The surf was out of this world and we have all had a time of our lives. We could not wished for anything else. Hope all goes well with the baby and look forward to seeing pictures. All of you take care.” …..Dale 16/03/08


“Thanks for an amazing week. You have a great place here and sure know how to show people a good time. Great surf, great weather and of course great people. Good luck with the baby and I’ll hopefully be seeing the whole family again one day. Thanks a lot!” …..Jimmy 15/03/08


“There was a lot of pressure after twisting the girls arms but i had nothing to worry about. You’ve both met and beaten all my expectations and provided us with the holiday experience of a life time. My surfing has improved so much and I’m buzzing with the thrill and need to keep it up. Thanks so much for everything – it was wicked from start to finish. Stay ocean fresh + care free.”…..Jen 27/02/08


“Now officially not just a rider of the frozen wave! Have had a fab time, have 2 new best friends(Ruby & Max) and achy arms. You’ve both been so welcoming & really looked after us – fantastic food Sarah, and was there a guy who taught us to surf???”……..Lauren 27/02/08


“Well what do I say, it was like going home to home. Aldo you legend. Sarah you star your cooking is ace! Thanks”…..Tony 18/12/07


“This place was awesome. i didn’t expect to feel like I was at home after only an hour here! We both thought you guys were amazing & were going to be back in the summer without fail. Peace out dudes.”…..Dave 18/12/07


“We had a lovely time, really you guys it is a home from home, and we plan to be back. The cooking was fantastic and the surfing was great. Will pass on the knowledge:) When your over in the UK let us know and you can meet Dad! All our love and best wishes for May, put a photo on facebook!”…..Elouise 23/11/07


“Thanks a lot for the most amazing week ever. Grreat hospitality, amazing food, total happiness and rewarding surf, with a new meaning to”no pain-no gain” i was living the dream. I hope like Arnold Schwarzenegger – I’ll be back!!! Good luck and great success for country”….Ran 31/10/07


“Feel like home, feel like among old friends, a great holiday that combines surf, friendship, and English lessons for any Italian! You guys are great! Happy Days”…..Silvio 27/10/07


“What can I say but just perfect. The bet couple you could have running such an establishment.”…..anonymous 25/10/07

Olly GSD Surf Trip

“Aldo, Sarah, Max, and Ruby. Thanks for everything:), I can’t imagine a life without you guys so it should be interesting when I get back See you soon.”…..Olly GSD surf trip 13/10/0

Ben GSD Surf Trip

“Dear Aldo, Sarah, Ruby, and Max. Thanks very much for making my first surf trip abroad such an enjoyable one. Your kindness and hospitality has been amazing. Good vibrations to you all, Be blessed.”…….Ben GSD surf trip 13/10/07

Bertie GSD Surf Trip

“To Aldo, Sarah, Max & Ruby, Thanks for an amazing week! Thank you for welcoming us into your lovely home, everything was fantastic, especially the food! Will definitely look you up if I’m ever surfing in these parts again.”…Bertie GSD surf trip 13/10/07

Ali GSD Surf Trip

“Beautiful house, splendid food, and a warm welcome much appreciated. Best wishes and enjoy the good life!” ….Ali GSD surf trip 13/10/07

Adam GSD Surf Trip

“Had an amazing week, the food, weather, and surf has been great, though a little character building! Thanks so much for making us feel so welcome, keep up the good work!”…Adam GSD surf trip 13/10/07

Will GSD Surf Trip

“What a great week! Home cooking has been fantastic as have been the barbees. Good, relaxing facilities to ease the body after taking advantage of the great local surf. Thank you for looking after us so well. It has been like a home from home.”…….Will GSD surf trip 13/10/07

Sarah NZ

“Aldo, Sarah, Ruby & Max, Thanks so much for the hospitality, the amazing food, and the one-on-one surf lessons. Sarah’s cooking was fantastic(as were Aldo’s ‘Braais’ if that’s how you spell it) and the meals out in town were great fun too. How can i go back to hostel – living after this? I really enjoyed the surf lessons even though everything was aching and I inhaled countless quantities of water. Hopefully I’ll go home and wow my Friends with my surfing abilities..if I ever master turning my hips! Thanks again! I had an ‘O-for-oarsome’ time and I’d love to come back in the future to see how business has grown. Cheers” …..Sarah NZ (Oh Yeah, go BLACK! Rwc 2007) 19/09/07

Warren UK

“Wow what a great holiday! It has just flown past. The surf was amazing, the locations were stunning and all in the capable (and knowledgeable) hands of Aldo. We were always taken to the best spots and on top of all that, really made to feel like a part of the family. Great fun, relaxed atmosphere and Sarah’s cooking delicious – darn those BBQs were so Good. I look forward to coming again and to the next “Big Thursday” at Kangaroo Point! Outstanding – Thanks guys.” ….Warren UK 16/08/07


“Dear Aldo Sarah, Ruby, & Max!! It’s been an awesome week greatly exceeding all of my expectations!! The only thing that was better than amazing Portugal, Arrifana was the sumptuous food which was just marginally better than the company and atmosphere of this place. Aldo, cheers for all your surfing instruction, I’m a much better surfer!! Sarah, thanks for the support and the food & superbly clean house! I hope to one day return and read all of the other messages, of which I’m sure you’ll have many. You guys really have a good thing going here! Keep it up. Stay well, cya soon”……Pete 26/08/07


“Thank you Aldo and Sarah for a great 2 weeks of excellent surfing instruction and fantastic food. You made me feel at home at the surf lodge! All the best.” …..Barry 25/08/07

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